Media Coverage

South China Morning Post (25th-Apr, 2015)

Title Developing Artists at Early Age
Content Introduce of our arts program for different age.

Baby-mo (No.93)

Title Find Arts between technique & creativity
Content Interview with Ms. Andy, Find Arts Studio Chief Instructor

Apple Daily News

Title Learn arts learn writing
Content Why to learn art?

Parents Magazine

Title DIY Photo Frame
Content Teach children how to make lovely photo frame to daddy。

Parents Magazine

Title Homemade Jewelry Box For Mother Day
Content Teach children to make beautiful jewelry box for Mammy

Pre-school Magazine

Title Drawing Rainbow
Content Teach Parents how to choose the right and suitable art class for their children

Oriental Daily

Title DIY The Myth of Autumn
Content Teach children to use light clay and resin clay to make mythological world in Mid-Autumn Festival

IKid Issue No.4

Title Interview – Find Arts Studio, The Compass Guide Children To Art
Content Interview about Summer art classes

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.110

Content Parent – Child’s Corner – Chinese New Year
Content Teach children to draw a chinese new year painting and decorate at home

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.104

Title Parent – Child’s Corner – Ice cream sundaes
Content Teach children using light clay to make ice cream sundaes

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.102

Title Monthly Issue – Teach Parents to Choose Summer Art Class
Content Teach parents to choose summer art class for their lovely kids.

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.101

Title Parent – Child’s Corner – Handmade Dianthus Flower Card
Content Teach children to draw a Dianthus Flower Card for Mother Day

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.78

Title Art DIY
Content Introduce some interesting craft works for parent and child work together

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.73

Title Monthly Issue – Choosing Drawing Class
Content Teach parents to choose the suitable painting course for kid and encourage the kid to create

Pre-school Magazine Issue No.70

Title Making Clay Help Training Children
Content Stimulate children’s imagination and train their finger flexible through clay making