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 Technical Drawing

Introductory Technical Drawing (Age 6-12)

(1.5hrs / lesson)

This program mainly focuses on the training oh familiar use with different pigments to enhance children’s creative skills, so that the art piece would have the best result.

a) Layout b) Proportion c) Form & Shape f) Lines
g) Color Tones h) Hatching i) Texture j) Perspective

Intermediate Technical Drawing (Age 8-12)

(1.5 hrs / lesson))

To investigate more different images, to integrate more mature expression techniques,contact with physical shaping and merge with the use of more mature materials. (e.g. water-colour, acrylic, oil paints).

6 lessons a) Sketching
12 lessons b) Oil Pastel
c) Poster Color
d) Water Color
e) Color Pencil
6 lessons f) Acrylic

Visual Arts (Age 12-18)

(2hrs / lesson)

This course focuses on the use of acrylic, oil pastel and gray pens, students would develop own theme and ideas independently, Creating own concepts,color screen and performance techniques. Combined with a wide range of visual elements and design concepts, expand human artistic horizons.

a) Painters imitate b) Understand the structure of art history c) Exposure to different design concepts (including: graphic design, fashion design and interior design
d) Experience the characteristics of Chinese painting e) Drawing f) Sketching

Regular Timetable (Jordan Campus) Photos of Samples

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